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  外媒发表了一篇名为“China's university entrance exams: Would you pass the test?(中国高考:你能通过吗?)”的文章,向外国读者详解了中国高考作文。 2015中国高考作文题目双语版   对于中国高考,外媒是这样评论的:   The annual National College Entrance Exams -- or gaokao -- are the only way to get into college. Failure means no degree, poorer job prospects and possibly a life of regret.   在中国,高考是进入大学的唯一途径。高考失败意味着没有高等学位和迷茫的就业前景,甚至这一生都可能活在遗憾之中。   The stakes are so high some students have stooped to ingenious methods of cheating -- so much so that authorities have started using drones as hall monitors.   这赌注似乎有些太过沉重,有些学生便铤而走险,想出各种方法试图在高考中作弊,以至于政府不得不用无人机在考场充当监视器。   One look at the questions is enough to send a shiver down the spine of even the most diligent student.   即使是最勤奋的学生,在拿到考卷第一眼看题时也会不由自主后脊发凉。   外媒翻译的中国高考作文:   Beijing   北京卷   "Big essay"   大作文   1. Write an essay on either of the topics in no fewer than 700 words:   从下面两个题目中任选一题,按照要求作答。不少于700字。   a) There are numerous heroes in Chinese history who set examples. Please write an essay with the title "If I were given a chance to spend a day with my hero." Select a hero and imagine spending a day with him/her.   在中华民族发展的历史长河中,从古至今有无数英雄人物。请以“假如我与心中的英雄生活一天”为题,写一篇记叙文。要求自选一位中华英雄,展开想象,叙述你和他(她)在一起的故事。   b) For what object you have a "passion deep in the soul?" You can choose a plant, an animal or a utensil to write about.   在你的生活中,哪一种物使你产生了“深入灵魂的热爱”,这样的热爱为什么能深入你的灵魂?请以“深入灵魂的热爱”为题作文。要求自选一物(植物、动物或器物),文体不限。   "Micro essay"   微作文   1. Choose one question to answer in 150 words or less:   从下面三个题目中任选一题,按照要求作答。不超过150字。   a) Review a Chinese classic   请评论一本中国古典名著   b) Write a poem on "circle"   请以“圆”为题,写一首小诗   c) Comment on uncivilized behavior in Beijing   简要评述北京的不文明现象   National version A used in 13 provinces:   13省通用的新课标全国二卷:   Please write an essay on the following:   请按以下要求写作:   Who do you think is the most glamorous person? A biotechnologist who led his company in international research, an ordinary welder who gained international fame through his work, or a photographer complimented widely for a series of photos?   一位是为破解生命科学之谜作出重大贡献,率领团队一举跻身为国际学术最前沿的生物技术专家;一位是变普通技术为完美艺术,技术熟练享誉国际的平凡焊接工;一位是因摄影技术高超,在网上获得一片赞誉的摄影师。这三个人中,你认为谁更具风采?请综合材料内容及含义作文。   National version B used in 5 provinces:   5省通用的新课标全国一卷:   After a girl failed to dissuade her father from making phone calls while driving on a highway, she called the police. The police came and educated her father. A huge social outcry followed. Please write a letter based on the given information to the daughter, the father or the police officer, in no fewer than 800 words.   一位女儿劝阻自己的父亲不要在高速公路上边开车边拨打电话,可是父亲不听劝阻,最终孩子选择报警。警察前来后对父亲进行批评教育,此事引起社会争议。以此为内容,写一封不少于800字的信。可选择给违章当事人、女儿、警察写。   Shanghai   上海卷:   Everybody has tough and soft spots in his/her heart. Whether you can reach an inner harmony depends on how you balance the toughness and softness. Please choose an angle and write an essay on this topic in 800 words or more.   人的心中总有一些坚硬的东西,也有一些柔软的东西,如何对待它们,将关系到能否造就和谐的自我。请自选角度,自拟题目,写一篇不少于800字的文章。   Sichuan   四川卷:   An honest person may not be smart, yet a smart person may not have true wisdom. Please write an essay in no fewer than 800 words on this topic.   老实也许不聪明,但聪明不一定是真智慧。请自选角度写一篇不少于800字的文章,标题自定,文体自选。   Chongqing   重庆卷:   After getting on a bus, a little boy asked the bus driver to wait for his mother. A minute passed and the mother didn't show up. Passengers complained loudly and the boy was brought to tears. When the mother finally caught up with the bus, everybody went silent -- she is disabled. Write an essay in 800 words or more based on the given information.   一个刚上车的小男孩让公交车等下他妈妈,过几分钟,妈妈还没到,车上乘客埋怨,小男孩眼中含着泪水依然在坚持,这时残疾妈妈拖着腿上车了,所有人都沉默了。请结合材料的内容和含意,选准角度,完成一篇不少于800字的文章。   Fujian   福建卷:   Please write an essay based on three sentences given:   请根据以下给出的三句话,任选角度完成一篇文章。   a) Originally there was no path in this world, but after many who have walked upon it, a path came into being.   世上本没有路,走的人多了,也就成了路。   b) Even if you choose a wrong way to go, it's a meaningful one anyway.   有时,走错路也是有意思的。   c) There's no path in the world that you can't walk upon; there are only people who dare not step on it.   世上没有走不通的路,只有不敢走的人。   Right, now step on it.   现在,你也来试试看吧。   You don't really have 60 minutes. Take your time.   你不必局限于一小时的时间,慢慢写吧。